Vegan MoFo 2009: Introduction and Schedule

Thanks for tuning (well, clicking) in, and welcome to day 1 of Vegan MoFo [MOnth of FOod] 2009!  MoFo was started a few years back as a challenge for vegan bloggers.  The mission?  To post something about vegan food every day for the month of October.  Nothing more or less–just anything, as long as it has to do with vegan cuisine.

Some choose to do random, different posts each day, some have themes for each week, some do a theme each month.  I will be mixing those ideas.  I will…

Showcase a different vegan ingredient every day through the month of October!

Thirty-one days gives me plenty of opportunity to mix the well-known ingredients that give non-vegans trouble (tofu, for instance), vegan applications of mainstream ingredients, and the other fine food offerings known to most as “that weird vegan stuff” (you know–brown rice syrup, arrowroot powder, Silken, and the ever-terrifying agar-agar).

To challenge myself further, I’ll dedicate a couple of days a week to specific topics.  Here is the schedule for the month.

  • Mainstream Monday– I’ll show you recipes that can be made with ingredients found in any grocery store.  No froofy vegan food here, just basic, tasty meals made with staple foods and common produce.
  • Thrifty Tuesday– Tune in on Tuesdays to find meals that can be made on a budget.  I will not only list the recipe, but also the approximate price of each ingredient and a final breakdown of the nutrition you get and the price per serving.
  • Wednesday and Thursday– Grab bag- These posts won’t be confined to a specific category.
  • Farmer’s Market Friday– Today I’ll use produce found at the farmer’s market to create a fresh, hearty meal.
  • Sweet Saturday– Saturdays are dedicated to the love of sweets.
  • Serene Sunday– Sundays will be filled with inspiring quotes, photos of happy animals, and comforting, nurturing recipes to help you find a little peace in your day.

In addition:

Daily, I will post a reason to go vegan (on Halloween, I’ll post a countdown with all the reasons in the same post!).  I will also post links to alternative recipes that feature the same ingredient of the day.

How do you fit into all this?

Please, pretty please, feel free to comment with your own recipes with the day’s ingredient, give me your feedback if you try a recipe, or just say hi.  You can follow me with an RSS feed, or even e-mail me if you have an idea, suggestion, comment, rant, or a cute picture of a penguin that you want to share.


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