Ginger Crinkles and Lemon Sugar Cookies

Vegans are not particularly famous for cookie-making.  Cupcakes yes.  Cookies, not so much.  Vegan cookies are finicky and have a tendency to turn to crunchy little bricks if they are baked even 10 degrees too high, or 45 seconds too long.  I exaggerate, but you get it.  A dessert that’s child’s play in the omnivore world takes a little more work for vegans.  Instead of trying to find just the right recipe, I sometimes give in and just buy an ABC or a Liz Lovely (can I get an amen, vegans?).

I do love a good cookie, though, and miss the memory of helping my mom roll the dough into balls and put them in little rows on the cookie sheets.  The kitchen made warm by the oven, the scent of ginger filling the house, sneaking bites of cookie dough out of the mixing bowl…those were the days.  These are two recipes that live up to my (and my mom’s!) standards for homey goodness.

Ginger Crinkles

Ginger Crinkles

I started with this recipe on Eating Well and made a few changes to make it vegan and a little more to my tastes.  First, I used granulated sugar for the cookies themselves, then rolled them in the raw Turbinado sugar as the recipe states.  I substituted 1/4 cup applesauce (natural, unsweetened) for the egg.  And instead of the wheat pastry flour, I used a 50-50 mix of white unbleached all-purpose flour and wheat flour.  They are a versatile cookie; you can under-bake them just a smidge for the folks who like a softer, moist cookie, or you can over-bake them by a minute or so to make them a little thinner and crispier, more like a gingersnap.  They travel well and stay soft for a day even when not in an airtight container.  I brought them to a potluck nestled in a cake box with some tissue and they were almost as good as they were right out of the oven.

Which is another point I should mention:  these cookies smelled so good that I could not stand the anticipation and actually ate a few right out of the oven.  Literally.  Despite burning my mouth a little (it was totally worth it).

Lemon Sugar Cookies

Lemon Sugar Cookies

These cookies are scrumptious, and I turn to this recipe often when I want a way to sneak vegan food onto non-vegans’ plates.  As with most vegan sugar cookies, they do harden rather quickly if not placed in an airtight container, so as soon as they are cool, put them away (this is also a good technique for stopping yourself from eating them all).  The recipe is from the amazing food blog Crepes of Wrath (if you haven’t seen it yet, go now!  And join a gym because you will soon be cooking and eating way too many of the recipes.  You’ll thank me later).

My only substitutions:  use Earth Balance Buttery Sticks instead of butter, and use 1/4 cup applesauce in place of the egg.  Please, please, please, do not omit the lemon extract…it’s the secret key to success!


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One Response to “Ginger Crinkles and Lemon Sugar Cookies”

  1. Melisser Says:

    Ooh, those lemon sugar cookies look right up my alley! I don’t tend to find vegan cookies any harder to make though! How funny. It’s going to get worlds easier soon with Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar coming out!

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