The Girl With the Spatula

me in my messy kitchen

me in my messy kitchen

Hi, I’m Sarah.

Have I introduced myself?  Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t.  But you’ve probably seen me–I’m that girl running frantically around the grocery store wearing a shirt covered in flour.  I’m the girl whose kitchen light you’ve seen on at 2 am, and if you peeked in you’ve seen me creaming butter (Earth Balance, that is)  in my pajamas. I’m the girl who is driving, just a little erratically, 10 mph under the speed limit, so that my cake doesn’t tip over in the car.  And I’m the one walking slowly around the bakery, taking note of every sweet as I think up my next recipe experiment.

Oh yeah, and I own more spatulas than any one person should.

I’m the girl that is passionate about food, though most don’t understand why.  To me, food is an art form, a means of expression.  Each meal is a statement of my feelings, the weather, even my beliefs.  I love seeing the smile on people’s faces when they receive a box of treats.  Gifts are special, but gifts of food are something else entirely–intimate, special things that show someone cares about you.  Food is a simple pleasure–it takes work to create, sure, but even the process is enjoyable in itself.  From farmer’s market to stockpot to serving dish, food is full of the joy of life.

Of course, I can’t spend all day cooking, so once in a while I do other things too.  I have an odd but rewarding job working in a high school kitchen.  I was skeptical at first, but I love it.  My greatest joy aside from food is the outdoors, and I use as much free time as possible hiking, kayaking, skiing, camping, or even going for a simple stroll.  I also devote a lot of time to activism for animals and for the environment.  I’m the moderator of an animal rights e-mail list and I do fundraisers for charities at least yearly.  I feel so lucky and blessed to have what I do in life, and I feel it would be a waste of my abilities and knowledge not to help others who are less fortunate.  My heart is full of love for my fiance, Matt, and our daughter Amelia, who’s 1 1/2 years old, vegan, and growing faster than I can believe.  We are working to plan a wedding ceremony, which will take place next June in our forever home (in our hearts!), Marquette, Michigan.

I have been vegan for four years now (my veg-a-versary is this week, actually).  Originally I thought it would be a way to lose weight, and I was right, but I have found more and more reasons to maintain my lifestyle than I ever thought possible.  Since going vegan my allergies and migraines have disappeared, I no longer get sick and cranky for a week each month, my joint pain has disappeared and I am no longer overweight.  I am happier and do not mindlessly eat as I used to.  I’ve found peace knowing I do not take part in the death of other sentient beings, and I have found purpose in educating others about the issues surrounding animal agriculture.

It’s not always cookies and sunshine.  I am questioned frequently by people who haven’t the slightest clue where their food comes from, and I am challenged by those who believe our species is somehow entitled to torture others for the sake of a meal.  Now and then I am admittedly disheartened by the amount of unspeakable cruelty that goes on behind those slaughterhouse doors despite so many people working for change.  But most days, I feel empowered, light, inspired, and joyful.

It is this joy that I hope to share through my writing.  At one time I thought a vegan diet was impossible, but then I opened my mind.  It is possible to go vegan.  It is affordable.  It is healthy.  And it is nowhere near deprived of flavor or variety.  What’s more, it is a wonderful lift for the soul.

As I continue this blog, I hope to learn more about all of you who read even occasionally.  Let’s get to know each other!


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