Flop: Lemon Loaf

My fiance recently mentioned to me that I should bake a lemon loaf for him to bring to work.  My go-to recipe is one from a 2008 (maybe late 2007?) issue of Everyday Food, but for some reason I can’t find it.  It’s been lost in my pile of cooking magazines, somewhere.  So I decided to look for it online.

Martha Stewart has an amazing collection of recipes on her website.  The search tool is not so amazing.  Even after specifying a time period and only Everyday Food recipes, most of the recipes were still from Martha’s other magazines or her television show.  I gave up eventually and decided to try this lemon pound cake recipe.

I made the recipe according to Martha, but substituted 1/2 cup applesauce for the eggs (this, my friends, is an awesome trick for anyone–it makes the cake very moist and fluffy).  I also sprinkled raw Turbinado sugar over the top, as it adds a nice crunch.

It came out beautifully, and I poured the glaze over top while little Amelia ran around munching on one of the lemons (yes, she LOVES lemons!).  But that’s where the train derailed.

lemon loaf

lemon loaf

I did not listen to Martha.

Impatient little me got it in my head that it would be just fine to tip the loaf out of the tin and onto the cooling rack, though I had not waited for it to cool as Martha directed.  I wanted to try it!  I wanted to deliver it to my fiance’s work!  I wanted it to be done!  So I placed the cooling rack over the tin and flipped both.  Bad idea.  The loaf promptly crumbled, leaving a good third of the loaf stuck in the pan.

oh noes!

oh noes!

The cake was absolutely delicious, not too sweet, with just the right amount of lemon.  The idea of buttering the pan and using sugar instead of flour to prepare it is great, and a trick I’ll use often.  The vegan version takes a few minutes longer to bake than the original, but otherwise is the same.  So, folks, please do give this recipe a try.  Just do me a favor and listen when Martha tells you to wait.


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