Raw Berry Breakfast

raw berry breakfast

raw berry breakfast

So what the heck does a vegan eat, you ask?  All sorts of crazy weird stuff that no one’s heard of and foraged fruit and dumpster-dive bread and lots of watery gross plain tofu, of course.  And I’m hungry all the time and I am anemic.

Okay, so most people’s opinions 0f veganism aren’t that extreme, but trust me, I’ve pretty much heard it all.  If there’s one view that seems to persist among my non-vegan friends, though, it’s that vegans have to spend a ton of time in the kitchen trying to make things to feed themselves.  To be honest, most days I just chow down on a bowl of cereal for breakfast, like I have since I was a wee one.  Once in a while I whip up some pancakes or breakfast potatoes, and on the really ambitious (read: rare) days I’ll even dust off the waffle maker and cook up some breakfast links.

This breakfast is a happy in between: it doesn’t require a lot of prep, just a little forethought, and has the familiar favorite fruits along with a scary-hippie-food, oat groats.  I discovered this during my first week of Rawesomeness and now keep a big container of groats in my pantry.  The best part is, you don’t even need a recipe to use them.

First, soak some raw oat groats in water overnight.  In the morning (or whenever you feel like breakfast), drain them in a mesh strainer, shake them around to get most of the water out, and put them in a bowl.  Mix in whatever the heck you want–in this meal, I’ve used bananas, raspberries and blackberries–and drizzle some agave nectar or raw honey over the top (I won’t lie, I am a naughty vegan who is totally okay with honey as long as it’s from a local, small source with good standards).  That’s it!  Eat it with a glass of juice nearby, because oat groats can be a little chewy and leave you thirsty.


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