Cookbook: My Sweet Vegan

I cheated and borrowed My Sweet Vegan from my library instead of buying it.  After trying six of the recipes in two days, though, I’m definitely going to pick up my own copy!  Most vegan cookbooks have a dessert section, and some are even all desserts (like my personal bible, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World), but My Sweet Vegan takes it up a notch.  Honestly, everything that comes out of this book is pure gold.  Start running now because you might gain a few pounds just from looking at the photos!  Here are a few examples of recipes I tried from the book.

caramel lace cookies

caramel lace cookies

First up, a not so great photo of the Caramel Lace Cookies.  The picture’s not the best shot of the cookies, because A) my fiance kept sneaking into the kitchen and breaking pieces off while I was making them, and B)I tried to stack them up all pretty like in the cookbook photo, but it was too humid and they all got stuck together so I had to break them to get them apart.  But, they are delicious, and the recipe (which seemed like it might be a little challenging to get right on the first shot) is actually pretty easy.  Mine were a little runny and so were not perfectly circular like Little Miss Perfect Hannah Kaminsky, but it doesn’t matter.  Usually when I make these, I curl them into cones or into little dishes to scoop sorbet into (on a plate of course, they are by no means solid), or I break them into triangles to garnish other desserts like lava cake.

chocolate peanut butter bombs

chocolate peanut butter bombs

Next up are the chocolate peanut butter bombs.  These suckers are amazing.  Decadent, moist, and rich.  Basically they are a soft-baked chocolate cookie with the filling of a peanut butter cup.  PMS food anyone?  There’s really nothing else I need to say…these cookies speak for themselves.

coconut fudge

coconut fudge

Don’t expect any amazing food porn here at The Bumbling Baker.  Why?  Well, first off, I’m not only a bumbling baker but also a bumbling photographer with a little point-and-shoot.  Second, food has a way of disappearing from my kitchen before I even shut off the oven.  Take this fudge for instance.  I’ll let you in on my dirty little secret:  we ate the entire 9×9″ pan of this by ourselves, in less than 24 hours.  That should tell you something.  This fudge is probably the closest to dairy fudge, so close that The Stumbling Scientist (that’s what we’ll call the fiance, by the way)’s coworkers forgot it was vegan.  I used the raw unsweetened coconut to make this, and that made all the difference.

icebox cheesecake

icebox cheesecake

This is my version of the Icebox Cheesecake recipe.  I hate making crust, so I spared myself and got some of those little mini graham cracker crusts in the disposable tins.  I made the full recipe for the filling, though, and divided it into the crusts (it was just enough, by the way).  When they were done, I added some strawberry-rhubarb preserves and a dollop of lemon frosting.  It’s going to be difficult to go back to baked cheesecakes after this, because this is by far the easiest and tastiest vegan recipe I’ve tasted.  Sorry, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.

Actually, I’m going to have to apologize to Ms. Goudreau again, because I think My Sweet Vegan has just topped The Joy of Vegan Baking on my list of favorite cookbooks.  If you in any way love dessert and all things sinfully sweet, you owe it to yourself to track down this book or at the very least, read Hannah’s blog.  You won’t regret it!


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